The Top 23 Classic Country Christmas Songs of All Time

Have you found yourself searching the internet for the best country Christmas songs? ‘Tis the season, as they say. Well, you’ve come to the right place… 

Here are the top #23 classic country Christmas songs to make your holidays shine a little brighter. 

Old Country Christmas Music

There’s nothing like the sound of old country music. What could make the holidays bright the way old country Christmas music does?

Add the following songs to your playlist if old country music is your style.

Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy” by Buck Owens

Buck Owens and his partner Don Rich wrote this ole country classic.

It was released in 1965 and peaked at #2 on the US Christmas Songs Chart (Billboard). The Bakersfield sound jingles and jangles, making this a unique track to add to your Christmas collection.

“To Heck With Ole Santa Claus” by Loretta Lynn 

A country Christmas song that will make your belly shake like a bowl full of jelly is “To Heck With Ole Santa Claus.

It was written by Loretta Lynn and embodied its composer’s quick wit and no-nonsense attitude. 

Santa Clause reads a book with a smile on his face.

Pocket Full Of Mistletoe” by Sonny James 

You never know when you could use a pocket full of mistletoe during December.

Sonny’s smooth vocals and upbeat groove make you want to pucker up for that special holiday party. 

Blue Christmas” by Elvis Presley

Christmas time isn’t always merry, but you’re not alone, even if you’re feeling blue.

Elvis’s performance of this timeless piece is what I instinctively turn to when the bitter winds of winter are knocking at my door. 

Old Toy Trains” by Roger Miller  

Roger Miller wrote “Old Toy Trains” for his son Dean in 1967.

Glen Campbell, The Statler brothers, and many more have covered it. Consider listening to each version to find the one that ought to be on your Christmas party playlist this year.

It is a simple song with a simple message, yet it can bring tears to your eyes.  

Country and Western Christmas Songs

When the genres of country and western come together to ring in the holiday, you’ll want to find the best songs. These classics will get your feet tapping after Christmas dinner.

“Hard Candy Christmas” by Dolly Parton 

The phrase “hard candy Christmas” refers to bittersweet times when some families could only afford to give their children hard candy or penny candy at Christmas.

Dolly (who played Miss Mona) recorded this song for her role in The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas. The emotion she conveys hits home for many who may struggle during this time of year. 

Candy canes and snowflakes on a pink background.

“Jingle Bell Rock” by Sierra Ferrell 

A fresh take on an old, classic favorite, Ferrell released her version of “Jingle Bell Rock” in 2020.

First made famous by Bobby Helms in 1957, this tune will lift your spirit as high as the star on the Time Square Christmas tree.  

Christmas Cookies” by George Strait

A Christmas song that the whole family can appreciate.

Even Scrooge must’ve had a soft spot for Christmas cookies. You only need a tall glass of milk and a fresh batch of homemade sweet treats to enjoy this song.

If We Make It Through December” by Merle Haggard  

Financial constraints are a hard truth that many families face during Christmas time.

A country and western classic that was a No.1 hit for Merle in 1973 give listeners a voice who are not as fortunate as others throughout the holiday. 

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee

An all-time holiday classic, Lee was 13 years old when she recorded “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” in 1958!

It is one of the most successful Christmas songs of all time, for it has been recorded by hundreds of artists throughout the years. 

Christian Country Christmas Songs

Jesus is the reason for the season. Let these moving Christian country Christmas bring joy to your home this season.

The First Noel” by Brett Eldredge 

“The First Noel” is a traditional Christmas song with Cornish origins.

In a candle-lit church, Eldredge sings a capella, captivating the spirit of this sacred song. Check out his official music video to experience the stillness. 

Let There Be Peace On Earth” by Vince Gill 

If you want to shed light on your holiday season, listen to Vince Gill sing “Let There Be Peace On Earth.”

Songwriter Jill Jackson wrote this song in 1955 after experiencing the “life-saving joy of God’s peace and unconditional love.” Before writing this song, Jackson had been suicidal; God’s grace offered her peace.

Mary’s Boy Child” by Jim Reeves 

“Mary’s Boy Child” was initially released by Harry Belafonte. He was the first African American male singer to reach number one in the UK in 1957.

Jim Reeves and his golden voice released his version in 1970. Some say the best way to enjoy Reeves’ rendition is in the darkness with just the Christmas tree lights twinkling. 

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” by The Judds

R. Fisher Boyce wrote this mid-20th-century classic inside his dairy barn in Middle Tennessee.

The story goes that Boyce couldn’t find peace in his home because the children were too loud, so he headed to the barn to write. The Judds’ blended harmonies bring this song to life, making it an instant favorite.  

Let’s Put Christ Back In Christmas” by Tammy Wynette 

She was pregnant with her daughter Georgette when recording “Let’s Put Christ Back In Christmas” for her album Christmas With Tammy Wynette.

Wynette reminds us to cherish the true importance of this time of year. A time of peace and gratitude for the gifts we’ve all been given.

Country Christmas Songs About Family

For many, family is a staple during the Christmas celebration. Get together with your favorite people, do a little caroling, and enjoy your time together with this soundtrack of songs.

Christmas In Dixie” by Alabama 

Your family will experience a warm country Christmas when listening to “Christmas In Dixie.”

The four band members of Alabama wrote this song and released their first version in 1982. For some, Christmas time doesn’t begin until this song is played. 

Deck the Halls” by George Strait 

A traditional Christmas carol everyone can sing along to.

Strait puts his spin on a Welsh sixteenth-century classic. “Deck the Halls” may be stuck in your head for days, but it’s all good around the holidays. 

White Christmas” by Alan Jackson 

One of my personal favorites is “White Christmas.” Whenever I hear this song, I time-travel back to my childhood, I’m five years old again, snowflakes are falling, and my sister and I are making snow angels in the fresh powder.

Jackson makes this old-fashioned hit feel new again. 

Let’s Spend Christmas At My House” by Tom T Hall 

A song about family that makes everyone feel welcomed and at home.

If you haven’t heard “Let’s Spend Christmas At My House,” you are not alone. I hadn’t discovered this gem until recently, and I am happy I did. Do yourself a favor and consider adding this song to your family Christmas playlist this year. 

Dogs Love Christmas Too” by Chris Isaak 

Our four-legged furry friends may sometimes feel left out during the Holidays. 

Not this year! If you’re in the market for a cute cheeky song that will surely make your pup’s tail wag, give this one a listen or two. 

A golden retriever wearing red deer antlers and Christmas lights sits in front of a Christmas tree. "Dogs Love Christmas Too" by Chris Isaak is a great country Christmas song.

My Favorite Country Christmas Song

With so many songs to pick from, I had to narrow the list before deciding on the best country Christmas song. This one takes the fruit cake!

Pretty Paper” by Willie Nelson 

Why is “Pretty Paper” my favorite country Christmas song?

When I listen to the lyrics, I imagine myself there. We all know how it feels to shop during the holiday season. Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle stuck in our minds.

But what is Christmas all about… love for one another.

We can only experience the spirit of the holidays if we are present and grateful for the gifts we’ve already been given. Not everyone is in the same shoes, and sometimes we could use extra help during the holidays.

Thank you, Willie Nelson, for the wake-up call; it is in giving that our hearts genuinely receive. 

My Country Christmas Original Songs 

If you’re here because you’ve enjoyed my past music, you may know my two released Christmas songs.

If you’ve stumbled across this page to find the best classic country Christmas songs, I hope you’ll find you can relate to my two original Christmas songs below.

Old Fashioned Christmas” by Charlie Marie

Every family is unique and shares its traditions. I’ve listened to my elders reminisce about their classic Christmas memories for years.

The nostalgia is what inspired me to write “Old Fashioned Christmas.”

It is not the experience of the past we long for but the feeling of home. Do you have a past Christmas memory that takes you back to the innocence of your inner child? 

Underneath the Mistletoe by Charlie Marie 

Not all of us have a special someone to meet under the mistletoe.

Regardless, this song makes you want to find that someone and cherish the moments you have together when you do.

Final Thoughts: The Best Country Christmas Songs

These classic country Christmas songs will surely bring the holiday spirit to you this season. No matter what mood or festivity you find yourself in, the song playing in the background sets the tone. I’ve made this playlist of country Christmas songs to get you in the spirit.

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